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          about us

          Founded in 1986, in Huoqiu Anhui province China, now we are a group company, specializing in handcraft products made out of willow, grass, bamboo, rattan, iron, and wood with over 5000 designs of accessories/ décor, garden items and holiday décor. Our products are selling far to more than 40 countries and areas worldwide for 33 years. The honors and certificates we obtained are AAA credit rating, ISO9001:2000, and member of BSCI.

          Our factory is well equipped with fumigation house, heating house, painting house, 10 warehouses, and different kind of machines, with a total  factory area of 1000 000 square meters. We also have a willow fields of 120 000 acres.

          We strive to provide customers with good collection, best quality, low prices, fast shipments and great service.  



          MAY 25TH,1993,changed name to HUOQIU HANDICRAFTS CORP.And set up branch ANHUI  QINGFAHU  HANDWORK CO.,LTD

          DEC.,15TH,1998, set up warehouse in Dongguan, Guangdong province

          AUG.,4TH,2000, set up office in Shenzhen, Guangdong province

          NOV.,4TH,2000,changed name to ANHUI QINGFA WILLOWCRAFT GROUP CO.,LTD, and registered the brand of QINGFAHU in the USA

          MAY,6TH,2006, set up office in Hefei, Anhui province

          SEP.,12TH,2016,set up new branch ANHUI QINGHUI DECORATION CO.,LTD

          Years after years,the most fragile and loosing parts return to earth,
          onlythe strongest and unique ones left.

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          Qualification honor

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